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Our most in-demand set. Look closer:you’ll save 22% by bundling these full-sized products bundled together.


The Daily Toiletry Kit

A sturdy, reliable toiletry kit perfect for at-home or for oh-the-go. 

The Balm - 3-in-1 lip balm

Healthier, smoother lips in seconds.  Dr. G developed The Balm as an all mineral moisturizing and UV defense chapstick all in one lip balm. Unlike other chapsticks, The  Balm uses the safest mineral ingredient available, zinc oxide, while eliminating any white-cast or aftertaste. 

The Vitamin

Dr. G developed The Vitamin to be the most complete, innovative supplement to your skin health routine. And we don't use those words lightly. The Vitamin is best for you if you've had a history of skin cancer. Studies have shown that taking Nicotinamide routinely can help in reducing your risk of skin cancer by nearly 23% in those with a prior history of skin cancer.  It's also a strong selection if you're vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is an essential component of healthy bones and the body.