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Dr. Beth Goldstein

Co-Founder, Skin Cancer Surgeon & Head of Product

Dr. Goldstein has treated thousands of men for skin cancer. She is a surgeon, mother, entrepreneur and is passionate about making products for men that help them build healthy, strong skin that are also simple, safe and convenient.

Elianna Goldstein

Co-Founder, CEO

Elianna leads all things digital and brand at GETMr. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2018 she joined Venture for America and moved to St. Louis to work at Boeing HorizonX as an investing analyst. She's back in North Carolina working side by side with Dr. G to bring GETMr. to all the misters.


At GETMr. we want to be the most valued morning essential, right after coffee. But we have to earn that place in your morning. So here's our promise to you.

Clean, Quality Ingredients

We only use mineral active ingredients. Our other inactive ingredients can be easily and intentionally found on our product page.

Give a SP*F

How we treat our planet is just as important as how we treat our bodies. Our mailers use 100% biodegradable materials and we continue to work on finding more sustainable, reusable packaging for our brand in the future.

Our ingredients are FDA-approved to be safe when used daily and by using mineral active ingredients, our products are safe for our oceans and coral reefs too. Review our Derm Download blogs to learn more.

Inclusivity and Intentionality

We are a female-owned business and care about building a business that employs, serves and works alongside people of all backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and skin types. We ask our team members and our customers to hold us accountable as we hold ourselves to these standards.


But who is this 'we' we keep mentioning? A leading Mohs skin cancer surgeon who cares an unreasonable amount about her patients, partnering with her daughter, Elianna who has seen too many men she cares about not have a simple and safe skincare routine. Dr. G & E realized like many women, they wear sunscreen on a daily basis, it just happens to be in their makeup or moisturizer. We all have men in our lives that we care deeply about, whether a husband, a father, a brother, patient or a friend.

After asking thousands of men what matters most when deciding whether or not to use skin care products, we have narrowed down the results to formulate a product that does more for men, Every Damn Day®.

We couldn't be more excited for you to give The Daily, by GetMr® a try.

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