Five Tips To Refresh Your Skincare in 2021 for Men

Tips for Dry Hands

To help with dry hands, try using a great barrier repair cream. These creams can help to restore your hands bringing them back to health. After each hand washing, using one of these creams can help to prevent chapping, red or irritated skin on your hands. Consider trying out the Cerave Barrier Repair cream as a great starting, affordable option. 

hands needing help 

Dry hands much? We know that frequent hand-washing and use of alcohol hand sanitizers are key to staying healthy, but it can lead to dried out hands.

Mask irritation

Mask irritation may show up as red or dry spots on your skin. 

Tips for Mask Irritation

Instead of acne, you're experiencing discomfort that arises as a result from wearing masks so frequently. Mask irritation may show up as red or dry spots on your skin. 

Try looking into a moisturizing lotion each evening, such as with cerave.   

Tips for Mascne 

If you have sensitive skin consider using a mild cleanser followed by an alternating routine of salicylic acid 2%, adapalene gel and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% in the evening to your tolerance. If you feel your skin beginning to get irritated, back off. If your skin is dry or sensitive, look at applying a cream like the Cerave moisturizing cream or lotion each night. This is a great recommendation for mask irritation with or without acne issues. You can mix it with the adapalene to keep it from being too drying or irritating. 

For men with normal or oily skin, you may try using a cleanser that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide  2.5-5% (of note, it can bleach your towels and clothes, so don't apply around your nicest T-shirts) followed by a retinol or Vitamin A derived product such as adapalene gel.  


Unfortunately, wearing masks is staying with us through 2021, at least for a little while. 

blue light exposure

We all spend too much time in front of our screens. In addition to eye fatigue, repeated and prolonged exposure to this type of light can result in hyperpigmentation, meaning our skin has spots that are irregular and uneven.

Tips for Blue Light Damage

Look for products that can help block blue light from your screen such as those with minerals, sunscreen and niacinamide. Some sunscreens like The Daily have properties that will protect your skin from blue light screen damage, like wrinkles, brown spots and more. 

Tips to Keep it Simple

Look for products that pack a punch. You really don't need a separate moisturizer from sunscreen in the morning unless you have specific medical conditions. When choosing products, look for ones with ingredients that are safe, in that they avoid harsh chemicals and are cruelty free. Specifically, there are great, multi-purpose options for your moisturizer with SPF. 

SPF is one of the best ingredients to get started with. Its ability to protect, repair and prevent is a trend we can get behind in 2021. One more Derm tip? Look for SPF options that have both sun protection alongside moisturizing and soothing ingredients. 

keep it simple 

This is a trend we want to see stick in 2021. There is a movement to make skin care much simpler, and the best way you can do that is cutting out unneeded steps that aren't serving you and ensuring the ones you keep do count. 

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