Best REI Shopping List for Your Next Outdoor Trip

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If you spend some time in Denver, Colorado you realize most people flock to the mountains on the weekends to explore the great outdoors. 

Colorado is famously known to be sunny 300 of 365 days a year! Amazing, right? With so much to offer, like rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, and even spike ball, it’s only amazing if you’re also protecting your skin.

If you talk with anyone at REI, they’ll tell you that they want you to be able to enjoy the outdoors whenever, wherever. That’s why, I went ahead and made a list of the best of the best that REI has to offer. Each product listed below is sun-protecting and we linked the product directly, since no one has time to go scraping the inter-webs these days.

  1. Sun Protective Pants provide your legs with adequate sun protection? REI also sells bug deterrent pants, which can be essential for camping near lakes.
  2. Polarized Sunglasses are stylish and provide great eye protection as well. A plus, they look fire in photos too.
  3. Sun Hats for men are essential, especially as the top of the head is a common place to develop skin cancer. Do you have short hair? Balding? Sunscreen is likely not enough.
  4.  Hand Gloves are a great option, as people often do not remember to reapply sunscreen on the tops of the hands. Gloves are specifically essential for outdoor enthusiasts who spend serious time in the sun.

Taking extra precaution to protect your skin is just one step in preparing for a fun backpacking or camping trip. Two more shout-out worthy investments from REI are:

  1. Bear Spray is essential for areas known to be highly populated with bears. Make sure to do your research in advance.
  2. Deet-Free Mosquito Repellent keeps everyone from going crazy. We suggest looking for ones without deet, as it's a chemical that can irritate sensitive skin and also tends to smell less pleasant. For natural bug sprays, use alternatives like lemon eucalyptus.

Wearing Sunscreen. Every Damn Day.

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