Lumin Skin Reviews Reddit + Three Similar Products You Can Try

Lumin Skin Reviews Reddit + Three Similar Products You Can Try

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If you’ve spent anytime at all looking into skincare for men, you’ve probably stumbled across Lumin. This start-up company based out of Los Angeles was started in 2018 and incorporates elements of South Korean skincare that have become more popular in the West in the past few years.

This company wants to break through the old myths of skincare being only for women, and with its clean, modern packaging and growing customer base, it seems to be succeeding. 


Real Reviews, Real People

Lumin promises better, healthier skin, and for some, it delivers. But we all know the question of, “but will it work for me?” is always on our minds. While brands can be incredibly convincing when they want you to try their products, it’s safe to say the most honest reviews are going to come from regular people who gave it a try. 

We’ve rounded up the most helpful Lumin skin reviews from one of the most honest places on the internet — Reddit. This way, you can take a look at what people are saying before you make the leap. 

Lumin Skin Reviews Reddit



3 Similar Products to Try


So maybe you aren’t convinced that Lumin is the right fit for you, especially after the Lumin Skin Reviews Reddit.

Just take a look at Lumin’s website and you’ll realize they offer quite a few products — and for a guy just beginning to tentatively take a step forward into skincare, it could easily be very overwhelming. 

With multiple, multi-step sets, toners, face oils, balms, body scrubs, pore strips, face mists, and more, it seems like Lumin might be better for those already very familiar with the world of skincare, and not just emerging from a decade of Dove bar soap. 

If you don’t trust yourself to articulate the difference between a face oil and a moisturizer and you’re not even sure what a toner would be toning, then Lumin might feel like...well, a bit much. 

Maybe it’s starting to sink in that you do actually need to wear SPF on the daily, but you’re not ready to commit to a five step routine and a bathroom counter full of bottles. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

The world of men’s skincare is growing, and Lumin isn’t the only option for premium products designed for men’s skin. Read on to see our top three picks for 3 similar products to try, and why the world of men’s skincare can be a lot simpler and easier than you expected: 

Similar Products to Try: The Daily by GetMr. 

Lumin won’t be the right match for everyone, just like it wasn't the right match for several of the people in the Lumin Skin Reviews Reddit section, above. If you’re looking for an ‘all-in-one’ solution that has SPF inside, then this definitely isn't the line for you. If you’re looking for a Lumin skin alternative, The Daily by Get Mr. could be right for you.  We developed The Daily to be a  moisturizer, aftershave, and age-defense skin care product that was specifically formulated with men’s skin in mind. 

The Daily is one just one product that still manages to deliver all of the antioxidants, protection, age defense, and moisturizing that your skin needs, no subscription or multi-step program required.

The Daily by Get Mr. also includes the ingredient Niamiciade, one of the most dermatologist-recommended ingredients also in the Curology products, so you get the same refreshing, brightening benefits.

In addition, it includes all-natural, mineral-based active ingredients like non-nano zinc oxide, making this product better for you and the planet. 

 It’s also a solid option for men who are looking for a skincare product that is:


  • Dermatologist developed

  • Non-greasy

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Safe for sensitive skin 

  • Free from chemical SPF

The Daily is a great option for men with sensitive skin who are just breaking into the world of sunscreen and moisturizers or who just want a one-step, all-in-one product that was dermatologist-developed for men’s skin.


The Daily 3-in-1 face lotion

The Daily 3-in-1 face lotion


  Shouldn't taking care of your skin be easy? Now, it is. The Daily is the first moisturizer, aftershave with mineral SPF all-in-one face lotion made to help you have your healthiest skin. Dr. G selected non-comedogenic, smart ingredients, like plant stem cell… Read More

What is Get Mr.?


Get Mr. was founded by a mother-daughter duo who are passionate about reducing the rates of skin cancer in men. 

A relatively new face in men’s skincare, but with over 100 5-star reviews online, Get Mr. looks to encourage men who are unsure about wearing a daily sunscreen by educating them on the importance of daily SPF as well as offering an option that can be used as a “Holy Grail” :


  • all-in-one moisturizer

  • SPF, aftershave

  • age defense product. 

With a brand designed with men in mind, Get Mr. uses biodegradable packaging and promises to reduce up to 90% of skin damage (wrinkles and brown spots) and 40% of skin cancer risk. 



The Daily by GetMr. is available for a one-time purchase of $34.99 or a 1, 2, or 3 month subscription for $24.99. 


What makes The Daily the best Lumin alternative for men?

The Daily was developed by dermatologists specifically for men’s skin, so it takes into account the differences in men and women’s skin. It also is a much simpler option for skincare, involving just one product but still producing all of the benefits that men need for healthy, bright skin.

The Daily is also a great option for those who aren’t wanting to commit to an entire line of skincare products or who feel overwhelmed by the multi-step systems that make up most popular skincare brands. To make it even easier to keep up with this one-step solution, there is a subscription option for The Daily for 1, 2, or 3 months that can be canceled or renewed at any time.

Similar Products to Try: Keihl’s 


Keihl’s is different from the other brands on our list in that it isn’t solely intended to be used for men, nor is it a more recently created company. If you have spent any time at all diving into the world of skincare, you have probably seen one of their hundreds of products on a friend’s bathroom counter, seen an ad on your social media, or even used one of their products yourself. 

From moisturizers to sunscreens to overnight creams to serums to spot treatments and everything in between, Keihl’s has its eggs in a lot of skin care baskets. And, of course, they have options specifically geared toward men. 

Included in their products for men is a line called “Facial Fuel” which includes a face scrub, cleanser, and moisturizer. With “for men” written on the aesthetically pleasing blue bottles, there is no doubt that this line is designed with a more masculine image in mind. 



While Lumin focuses on only men, Keihl’s draws from a long history of skincare for both men and women to offer products that can truly be used by either, as well as some products created with men’s skin in mind. 

Keihl’s has been a staple in a lot of skincare routines for decades, yet it feels very accessible to those who are well-advanced in their skincare journeys, as well as men who are brand new to the world of cleansers, serums, and moisturizers



The facial fuel line for men runs from $20 to $50+.  Kiehl’s offers a range of premium skin care products at a mid-range price point. 


About Keihl’s:


The original Keihl’s apothecary was founded in 1851, giving this brand a long history of meeting skincare needs. 

In 1921, the first products still on the market today began being sold, and in 1941 Keihl’s was one of the first brands to begin listing their ingredients on their products before it became a government-mandate. 

Today, the brand bases its mission around creating products that are “gentle but effective”, and has a wide variety of skincare options available online and in stores. 

Similar Products to Try: Jaxon Lane



Lumin and Jaxon Lane are both skincare lines for men that look to incorporate Korean ingredients and popular Korean skincare trends. However, one major difference between Lumin and Jaxon Lane is the number of products offered. 

While Lumin offers several complete sets and a very wide variety of products targeting a range of issues from dry skin to aging, Jaxon Lane focuses on offering mainly the basics. Jaxon Lane offers four staple products: a cleanser, sunscreen, sheet mask set, and anti-aging moisturizer. 



If the overwhelming number of products Lumin offers targeting such a vast array of potential skin concerns is overwhelming and you’d just like fewer, more basic options, then Jaxon Lane is a great alternative.

 The shopping experience is just flat-out easier — no sifting through way too many products and ingredients and trying to ascertain what belongs on your bathroom counter and what would simply become clutter. 

We also love Jaxon Lane because of it’s simple, small-business story and branding: the co-founder of the company started the whole thing by trying to address his own skin issues as an average American guy, and before long, Jaxon Lane was born. 


The price of Jaxon Lane’s products range from $28 t0 $36, with the four item set costing $110.

About the Brand:

 Jaxon Lane is a skincare company harnessing the power of Korean skincare that was started by a husband and wife duo from California. The goal of this skincare line was to make the effectiveness of Korean skincare understandable to the western consumer and approachable for the average man! 

Jaxon Lane offers a range of skincare products from sheet masks to cleansers to anti-aging moisturizers. 


Similar Product to Try: Skincare just got easier

You can take care of your skin, prevent aging, and protect against skin cancer without having to commit to a complicated multi-step routine. If toners and face mists aren’t really in your wheelhouse just yet, or ever, there are brands creating products with a focus on easy, simple, and quality skincare.

Lumin is just one option among several that address the needs of men’s skin, and we are glad for every company breaking down the stigma that women are the only ones who need to be taking care of their skin (hello, archaic idea!). 

Different brands are different fits for different people — Lumin may work for you, or it may not. Thankfully, it's 2021, and like the three we outlined above, you’ve got options. 

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